Quality of Life

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How does the quality of life vary across the Atlanta Metropolitan region? Researchers in the Center for Geographic information Systems have been grappling with this question for the past year and have some answers. Measures of Quality of Life are inherently subjective. People have different tastes and preferences about the places they would like to live in. However, most would agree that cities that have good educational opportunities, low crime, high accessibility to services, and close to amenities such as parks and recreational venues are highly desirable. Based on an extensive survey of earlier studies, CGIS researchers developed a set of seven indicators to examine quality of life in Atlanta cities (amenities, economy, education, health, housing, public safety, and transportation). Each of these indicators were measured with the help of existing data on various attributes.


Alpharetta, a medium sized city in north Fulton County, ranks first on the QoUL Index in the Atlanta metropolitan area. It is ranked above average for most attributes; however it shows up particularly strong in economy and education. Each of the top ten cities ranks in the top ten for education, a highly valued attribute in the Atlanta region, except the city of Tyrone. The cities, which are ranked lowest on the Index generally, have low scores across the board for each of the seven indicators. 

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